While I was away on a conference I ran across Alan Stein who is a strength & conditioning and mindset coach for the NBA’s top athletes.  He spoke on the topic of greatness and how we can be the best at what we choose to do. 

Alan and I share something in common. We study successful people to see what makes them tick. While I know that I will never play in the NBA, I was able to glean some ideas about what it takes to be great at what I choose to do in life.

I want to be a great father, son, husband and the best at delivering healing and wellness through exercise and hands-on treatments.

This is why I learned from the best mentors in the world for hands-on therapy, the best at trigger point dry needling, the best at sports performance and the best at corrective exercise.

Kobe Bryant dominated the league in the mid 2000s.

He was able to reach a higher level of greatness because he enjoyed the basics and prepared better than his fellow athletes.

Alan told the story about meeting Kobe to observe a workout early in the morning. Kobe apparently scheduled his workouts at 4am.  Alan wanted to get there before Kobe to impress him so he decided to show up at 3:30am only to hear the bouncing of the basketball and squeaking of sneakers. He was in a full sweat and had been doing his own training long before his grueling 2 hour “formal” training session.

The session, according to Alan, was extremely boring. He did basic drills you would see most junior high basketballers doing. Alan asked Kobe why on earth the best basketball player on the planet would be repeating the basics over and over.

Kobe’s answer was something like, “Now you know why I’m the best basketball player on the planet”

 What made Kobe Bryant great?

1.     He was the first one to the gym. (Preparation)

2.     He didn’t skip the basics (He enjoyed them)

Take away for those of us not in the NBA:

First, we need to prepare. We need to look at what our colleagues and competitors are doing and “Out-Prepare” them. Whether this means going into work before everyone else, being the first to accept a challenge, or spending time in continuing education.

Second, not only did he repeat the basics, he enjoyed them. When you can do the fundamentals well you can be a great parent, spouse or be the best at what you choose to do for work or pleasure. Don’t forget the basics and where you come from.

Enjoy Life,

Dr. Nate Kloosterman

PhysioPoint Therapy




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About the Author: 

Dr. Nate Kloosterman earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Andrews University. He is a board certified Physical Therapist with the advanced designation of orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS). He has extensive post-graduate training in manual therapy including a trigger point dry needling certification.

Nate has been involved in teaching at Andrews University for the differential diagnosis in the doctor of physical therapy program. He was instrumental in developing curriculum for advanced courses in medical exercise therapy (MET) which is taught to practitioners throughout the United States.

Nate founded PhysioPoint Therapy and Wellness in January of 2014. He enjoys spending time with family, biking, skiing, playing golf and participating in community events.