What is the sports performance program currently being introduced at PhysioPoint Therapy in Crown Point with 2x Olympic Wrestler and Doctor of Physical Therapy Matt Gentry?

Sports Performance is a broad category and this program is a combination of both mental and physical aspects of sports performance. 

Olympian/Dr. Matt has a unique perspective, combining the mental performance skills he gained while competing in two Olympic Games along with movement science learned while earning a doctor of physical therapy degree.  Matt had this to say about the program:

“When polled, many athletes state that sports is 80% mental and this becomes more true the higher the competition level. Yet practice times are precious and physical skills and training takes precedence over mental skills. This results in athletes that do not have strong minds who are not able to maximize their physical capabilities. Many athletes have a basic understanding of goal-setting, visualization, and other mental skills. However, just like knowing how to lift weights doesn’t make you stronger, knowing about mental skills doesn’t give you a strong mind- which takes consistent, focused practice.  This program bridges the gap between mind and body with formal training that combines both the physical and mental aspect of sport in order to maximize performance. Like a muscle the brain is incredibly adaptive and grows with consistent focused effort.”

Drawing upon practical experience wrestling in 2 Olympics, formal Sport Psychology training, coursework during his education at prestigious Stanford University, and 5 years spent coaching Division 1 athletics, Dr. Matt will share his passion for mindset including:

·      Handling Pressure

·      Building Belief and Confidence

·      Increasing Sustained Focus and Endurance

·      Changing to a Growth (vs. Fixed) Mindset and the Importance of Failure

·      Overcoming Adversity and/or Injury

·      Visualization, Goal Setting, Deep Breathing, Self-Discipline, College recruiting process and more!

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About the Author: 

Matt Gentry, DPT

Sports Performance, Ortho and Pediatrics

Matt grew up in Oregon and attended StanfordUniversity on a wrestling scholarship, where he received a degree in human biology. After graduation, Matt coached Division I wrestling at his alma mater while also competing internationally on the Canadian national team which culminated in representing Canada at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. After retiring from competition following a fifth place finish in the London Olympics, he and and his wife relocated to the Midwest where he received his doctoral degree in physical therapy from Governor State University. Dr. Matt has an interest in serving clients with sports performance needs, orthopedic conditions, and pediatric clients with neurological conditions. He now resides in Manteno Illinois with his wife and three small children.