At PhysioPoint Therapy, we are always looking for better ways to serve our clients in the Crown Point area.  That includes exploring new technologies when they become available. 

To our knowledge, PhysioPoint is one of the first physical therapy clinics anywhere to be using Halo Sport.  Halo Sport is an exciting technology that utilizes “Neuropriming” which allows people to build muscle memory faster (link to blog post on muscle memory).

What is Neuropriming?

Neuropriming is the process of using electrical stimulation to stimulate the motor cortex in the brain.  The motor cortex is responsible for controlling movement in your body.  By stimulating the motor cortex (the brain), the nervous system is building stronger communications between your brain and your body.  When paired with quality training, this results in increased muscle memory, strength, explosiveness, and endurance.

Why have I never heard of Halo?

Halo is new to market and is being used almost exclusively by professional athletes and performers, from the San Francisco Giants, NFL players, CrossFit World Champions, Olympians, and professional concert pianists. However, athletes aren’t the only ones that can benefit from Halo Sport…..

If it’s for athletes, why is PhysioPoint using Halo?

I am excited to use Halo Sport with my Sports Performance Mindset clientele in order to take athletes to the next level.  However, a lot of our clients will benefit from this technology.

Patients with neurological impairments (stroke, MS etc.) certainly could see a benefit. For a larger population, pain often stems from movement dysfunction and a big part of our job as physical therapists is to train people to move better.

That’s one big reason we decided to invest in Halo Sport.  So far, patients that have used it have loved it and feel that it makes a difference in their rehab. If you notice that you move “funny” or have to modify how you move to avoid pain, then PhysioPoint Therapy and Halo Sport technology might be a great way to get you moving and feeling better. 

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About the Author: 

Dr. Nate Kloosterman

Nate earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Andrews University. He is a board certified Physical Therapist with the advanced designation of orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS). He has extensive post-graduate training in manual therapy including a trigger point dry needling certification.

Nate has been involved in teaching at Andrews University for the differential diagnosis in the doctor of physical therapy program. He was instrumental in developing curriculum for advanced courses in medical exercise therapy (MET) which is taught to practitioners throughout the United States.

Nate founded PhysioPoint Therapy and Wellness in January of 2014. He enjoys spending time with family, biking, skiing, playing golf and participating in community events.