DR.NATE AND STAFF IS FABULOUS!! I recommend him to all!!
— Maggie
After weeks of limping and hardly moving, I gave physical therapy a shot and I could not be happier!!!!! I have never felt better. My mobility is back and walking 5 miles/day is something I look for and enjoy now! PhysioPoint is not just a place where you receive the utmost care and attention, but it is a community of care providers that teach you how to improve your health and daily habits. Dr. Nate goes above and beyond for his clients and I could not recommend better, more gentle hands than Kristen’s. Patty welcomes you with her beautiful smile and will cheer you on as you keep on getting better! Choose PhysioPoint and you will be glad you did!
— Adela
Dr. Nate is the absolute best!! Best place to go for muscle and nerve problems. I suffered for a year because I did not know about needling which has helped me tremendously!!
— Sandi
I can’t even say enough about the staff and Dr Nate, one of the best therapists I’ve met in my life and I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve had lower back issues my whole life and he is one of the only ones who has helped me really figure out what it takes to keep it in place, and the therapy he gives is worth more than anything. Super involved and puts forth so much effort to try to figure out how to ease your pain. So lucky to have found you guys!
— Rachel
Wonderful staff and outstanding treatments !!
After only two appointments I am already feeling better !!
— Carey
I have been dealing with pain most of my adult life. I was born with hip dysplasia, suffered through broken knee, elbow, three pnuemothoraxes which resulted in lung surgery & finally had my hip replaced at 40.
Which left a pinched nerve in my back as a result of trying to even out a lifelong uneven gait.
At the prodding of my husband who worked with Nate for some shoulder issues, he said “I swear this guy is different. Give him a try.”
He & his staff are fantastic, they listen to your concerns, take into consideration that you are the author of your own body, who understands IT better than anyone. Then he takes his many years of knowledge, including adopting techniques from other cultures & comes up with a plan geared toward YOU and YOUR problem.
I’ve been to other PT in the area who give you their cookie cutter, cross their fingers & hope this works type of thinking while they play on their cell phones! Not here!
They are serious about helping you, compassionate & easy to talk to! In my short time beginning their program, I know they’re here to truly assist you if you meet them halfway & do your part!
— Toni